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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Scarey things

Remember the old days when car accidents were mainly the result of old people who couldn't drive and allegedly drunk drivers? So now there are a rash of accidents lately- I think this is real, not from Lifetime TV reruns, because it's too recent to be in a rerun- ANYWAY, accidents caused by texting while driving. If you drive into Rhode Island- i don't know why you would want to, except that it and Connecticut seem to be put between Boston and New York so that people that drive form one city to the other can be tortured just a little more, oh AND if you haven't driven through Connecticut lately, I should warn you. It grew. It takes much longer to get through it, kind of like Texas. And they trick you about the rest areas. You have to drive about 300 miles into Connecticut before you get a rest area, and they only have McDonalds, a gas station and a good bathroom. But after the first rest area, they are then planted about two miles apart for about a hundred miles and then the last thousand miles of Connecticut have no rest areas so you have to get off the road and discover that Hey, Connecticut is not like the Gilmore Girls. There are slums and shady places there. But i digress.

I think the point is that in Rhode island there are signs that say don't text and drive. Really? Like maybe there should be signs that say, don't drive with your feet, or don't let your pet drive, or don't play the guitar while you were driving. You know, things anyone might normally do while driving were there not a sign forbidding them to do so. Yeah, right. I can barely text and walk at the same time. So while it has come out that texting causes accidents, I am waiting to hear about the worst piece of technology ever which undoubtably causes accidents and much, much worse. I am talking about the GPS.

I do not nor will I ever own one. But have used friends' ones for trips. First of all, If I wanted someone in a hloier-than-thou voice telling me to take the next left (which is wrong by the way) I would have stayed married. The GPS on the way to New York was not only annoying, it was wrong and it ended up having a nervouse breakdown. In the city, it said things like,"Go 500 feet and take your next left" then immediately, "Recalculating. go nine miles and take your next right. Recalculating. Take a right now (this would have been into the Hudson River.) Recalculating. Go 3/10 of a mile and bear left. Recalculating. make your first legal U turn and then take a left. Recalculating.. Oh, I don't know where the fuck you are, you're on your own." I swear to god. At least if it is a real person who is stupid giving you directions, at least you can make them useful by live parking somewhere and sending them in to get you ice cream. Can't do that with a GPS. And at least with Beverly's you can give it an English accent, but this one only had one way of talking. And it was all wrong.

So I am not getting a GPS. Anyway every time I buy some new fangled device the next day a betterone comes out. I am going to wait for a car that you just get in, lean back and nap after you tell it where to go and it brings you there. That should be out soon. And I recommend that the first people to get them should be cancer patients. Oh and their high school friends.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy