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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Ok, so I am back at work full time. It is good. I took a longer time off this time just to be sure the chemo didn't effect me and cause any infections like the last time. Plus the paperwork to get sick leave took so long I felt obligated to stay out as long as possibletoavoid the paperwork I had to fill out to go back. Of course, when I started to get paychecks in the negative, it occurredto me to do something. Now as a lazy person, staying home, earing bon-bons and watching repeats of law and order was not initially a problem for me. I was getting inactivity down to an art. Well, especially when I had to take drugs, anyway. With less need for drugs, I started to notice that i had seen every fucking law and order episode ever, and they were all the same, and I also noticed that my financial situation had depleted to the point where my bon bons were from Walmart. But the real sign that it is time to go back to work is when you start watching Lifetime TV. When your kids already think you are crazy, it does not help when you start calling them telling them about this great show you discovered, Wife-swap, and how they should start watching it. It was only a matter of timme before they would haveme committed, so I decided if i was goingto be on apsych unit anyway, I should get paid for it.

I love being back at work. If Iworked anywhere else,it would be a good opportunity to use the cancer card for a whole new set of people to be nice to me. Frankly my family and friends that hung out with me when I was at home were sort of done with the cancer thing and decided that they should be getting special stuff for having to hang around with me and my cancer. And I must admit, they had a point. Now the thing about the people at my work is they are all so nice anyway, it is hard to tell if they are being extra nice to me because of the the cancer. Well I did convince one of the doctors it was necessary for him to go to the bakery and buy chocolate which I needed for my treatment and of course i couldn't go to the bakery myself because of the kind of cancer I have that forbids me from going to bakeries. But he would have done it anyway, I think.

There was an adjustment to returning to work after a month with chemo brain. I didn't get lost driving there or anything,and surprisingly I remembered most of the stuff my job entailed and only had to leave myself 20 post-it notes every shift. OK, I screwed up a phone call and almost got a doctor fired but that was resolved and I blamed someone else. So now I work.

Course, I can't do anything else. Forget about watching wife swap, I can't even do laundry or buy a loaf of bread. I had toasted hamburger rolls (probably in the freezer since last summer) for breakfast yesterday. Also, I am going to start wearing evening gowns to work next week, thats all that's clean. All I can do is read numerous trash novels which I "borrow" from the "library" at the cancer doctor place. "Feel free to borrow books and donate used ones," it says. I have 300 books stolen from there, and of course every time I go, I mean to bring in a bunch but I don't. They are piled in my house, next to the clothes i bagged up but never brought to goodwill. Which was probably good, because I can raid them after my evening gowns that I wear to work get dirty.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy