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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Cancer snob

I am wearing my contact lenses which means I should have reading glasses on but am too vain for that so if a few wrong letter get typed, that is why. Chemo eye, i think it is called.
So I did not join a breast cancer support group for a few reasons. One I am too lazy. The other is more complicated. Over the past years a few misguided friends of mine joined AA. Some just pretended to be alcoholoics to meet guys, but the ones who took it seriously ended up only wanting to hang around with other people from AA. They became alcohol snobs. So I was afraid that if I wentto a support group I owould become a cancer snob. Although I see some benefits to the support group- trading meds is always good. Those watnings that they should only be used for the person prescribed them are just suggestions, and certainly don't apply to people with cancer. Also, I am going to need people to pass my wigs on to after i get hair. Well maybe not the pink one. And there is that haloween store I coud open.

But already I am in trouble for cancer snobbery without even being in a group. Now my 2 best friendsfrom High school, with whom i am going drinking, shopping and on a boat Saturday- three of my favorite things- OK, they follow my blog. I mentioned one of them a few times, because she had breast cancer when it was not politically correct, and i didn't mention the secomd one for a while because she did not have it. I don't want to sound as though I am against people without breast cancer. Who else is going to clean my house and grocery shop for me when the cancer does not allow this? And who is going to mow my lawn? Apparently no one, but that is another story.

Ok, Terri from Girls Latin was my other best friend. Terri Terri Terri. See I mentioned you a bunch of times. Other non-cancerous friends I like- Cindy, Beverly (she had cancer a long time ago but not in the breast.) Peter, Tina, Theresa aka Snow White, Janna who should be a super model, Stacey the most underacknowledged and hardest working person at my work, Beth, Brooke, Patti who is overdue for a visit, Colleen Ryan, ditto and everyone else I forget because of my chemo-ADD-brain.

I need to go now and track down two non cancerous friends for dinner. Will write more about technology later.

ps. Terri, Terri, Terri, Terri. Click on the ads.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy