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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Monday, May 17, 2010


New york was fun. Chelsea lately was a very funny show. A little wierd sitting with your daughter listening to a comedy show talking about blow jobs. Fortunately we both were drinking vodka. She is almost old enough to do that legally. Does that make me a bad mother? Come on, I have cancer. i could die at any time. (Well, I could get run over by a bus or something, otherwise I appear to be healthier with cancer than I was before.....but those busses, you gotta be careful.) Actually i only bought her one drink and it was more symbolic than anything else. Yeah, ok, It was symbolic of me being a bad mother. I mean, the chemo made me forget how old she was. And she had a fake ID anyway. And we took a cab home. By home I mean our thousand dollar hotel room.

After stopping at a Russian restaurant. You know you are not going to get a good glass of wine if: 1. You are at a Russian restaurant, 2. they list the wines as "red" and "white." and 3. They serve it in a water glass. And their cheese cake was also not that good. You would think more restaurants would be open all night in New York. Actually, I suppose they are. For some reason, I suck at finding places to eat in new York City. It is not one of my skills. On the other hand, i have avoided spending 1300 bucks on sushi.

Back to that. The spending money in New York thing, and the fact that they seem to let me. Like I expect someone to run my credit card and then come out and say, "What the fuck are you doing? You cannot afford this!" No one ever does. What? I should regulate myself? I can't. I have cancer. I could die at any time. Oh wait a minute, I already used that.

What is funny is that I did have a credit card company that sort of did that. It was from bank of america, which I hate anyway, but this was kind of funny. They clearly had me on a list of people who should only spend money on things that people who live in trailer parks should buy. Like, if i left the country without telling them, they would shut off the card. Actually, it was a debit card now that I think of it so it was just my own money. Shut off at Sephora's in Paris. They wouldn't even let me leave the state. In Colorado, the fraud department called me to make sure i was really making purchases in Colorado. First of all, bank of America, THERE ARE A LOT OF TRAILER PARKS IN COLORADO. To just assume i was living beyond my means and skiing at some fancy place that i couldn't afford was very judgemental. I wasn't) Then in their biggest display of judgemental-ness, when i went shopping on Newbury street (where rich people in Boston shop) they allowed me one purchase and yes then just assumed someone had stolen my identity because how could i buy 2 things on Newbury street? They never shut me off at Wal mart, which may be part of a more sinister plot that I don't even want to think about.

It is funny that despite my trailer park credit rating with Bank of America, they are always very willing to let me refinance my mortgage because I have cancer. Like in December, I'd refinance it because i have cancer. Then in january, I'd refinance it because I still have cancer. Then in February, i have cancer again..... I don't evewn think they needed proof so I could just be lying. Of course come to think of it, they probably remember me from that debit card and assume this huge mortgage is on a trailer somewhere and they better refinance it because otherwise they are not going to make any money on it ever because trailer park homes only go down in value. Sort of like my non-trailer park home, now that I think of it.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
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