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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Monday, May 17, 2010

New York

New york is a good place to go if you need to remind yourself that you are not rich. And if you are a poor person who likes to spend a lot of money you don't really have, it is ideal. The last few times I handed my credit card to someone on this trip, i held my breath that they did not come back to tell me it was declined and did I want to max out a second one, (no) What is up with that anyway? Why is there no one to curtail my excessive spending when I am this close to debter's prison as it is. I know they don't have debtor's prison (do they? I should know as I am sort of a lawyer.) but anyway even if they did i could probably use the cancer card to get out.

I often get mad that i am not rich. i would be very good at it. i would love to take my daughter's friends out to dinner and spend half a month's mortgage payment on sushi. True story. 1300 bucks on sushi. Not me, someone else's mother. All of Laura's friends are super-rich. Somehow she keeps up. Living beyond our means, a trait she gets from me. And New York, just the place for it. You look at so many hotel rooms on line for $1200.00 a night and you think 500 is a bargain. It is not. You see $900.00 pairs of shoes and think that 200 is a bargain. They are not, especially if they hurt your chemo-feet.

For some reason, whenenver i check into a hotel in new york, I feel like I have escaped from the trailer park. Actually I think I have lived in a trailer park in another life as I am fascinated with them and have actually picked one out for my old age as long as they stop cutting people's heads off in Mexico. Another story for another time. But something about new York. I have a graduate degree, I wear designer shoes, yet I do not think I quite fit in. Could be the Betsy johnson luggage with the broken zipper. Well, i do not like luggage that looks like everyone else's on the bag claim which no one ever uses anymore because now they charge you to check your luggage which is unfair. I bet i could use the cancer card to avoid that. (I have a suitcase full of medicine and shoes, necessary for my recovery.)

Well now I have to go to work so that t he huge check that i write for the credi card bill will only bounce once, not twice or if I m really lucky, my overdraft protection- that also has not learned that letting me spend money is not a good idea- will kick in and only charge me 50.00 to pay a thousand dollar check when there is only six bucks in the account. Really, it is not my fault. I have chemo brain and the banking companies of today are taking advantage. Well good excuse for the last year of my life anyway. Now what about the first 50 years? More on new york and Chelsea lately later. Lately. Later. I think i am going to start smoking weed.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy