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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sleep, perchance to dream...not.

Ok, so now I sleep all the time. Or i would if I didn't have to work, or have friends who come over and drag me out of bed at eleven AM. I should list sleep as my occupation and nursing as my hobby the next time I have to list such things. SO they have a fatigue clinic and they give you ritalin, which I had previously forced my oncology shrink to give me for add-chemo brain. Wakes you up and helps you be less ADD. Well,it worked halfway. I still sleep, but I really concentrated on my dreams. And if they are a window into your subconcious, I am really fucked.

I always have this recurring dream that somehow I forgot to graduate from college, and have to go back but of course: I forget what all my classes are, I can't find the buildings because all the colleges i attend in my sleep are like on estattes with castles on them and such. Last night i accidentally wandered into a drama class where everyone in the class was going to be in a play. There were like a thousand people in the class, and everyone got a part except me. Come on, villager in the background with no speaking parts? Not even that? Of course always in this dream, I hadn't registered and/or paid for my classes on time, which really did paralell my actual college-nursing school-law school career. But I usually fixed it before actually being thrown out of class or not being allowed in the class play. Whch never existed, thank god.

But I never have that naked dream anymore. i think probably because of all this cancer stuff, my naked body has been seen, poked and prodded by the best of the Boston medical community. Whereas, before the cancer it had just been poked and prodded by random people who were not generally the best of any community. So if there is one thing cancer has done for me, it has been that it has taken away the naked dreams. Apparently now, not being allowed to be in the school play is more humiliating than being naked. I don't really see an upside to this, however. In fact, it probably means when i am really old and my brain goes, i had better have the grandchildren (which don't exist yet, apparently my fault, another story) start looking for a nursing home on a nudist resort. hey, not a bad idea for all you investors out there. Quite often, I have had to work hard to keep an elderly and sometimes less than elderly psych patient clothed. Eliminate one of the problems right there by opening geri-psych nudist units. It is only at times like these, when I have my brilliant ideas, that I wish Donald Trump read my blog. I am pretty sure he doesn't anyway, although he clearly should. I would watch his show if he read my blog. Well, I would watch it if i were awake, which I doubt that i would be at least after the first 10 minutes....

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy