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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

pink facebooks

Lately I have been seeing people on facebook joining the group- let's make facebook pink to raise breast cancer awareness. I probably joined it myself, because I join everything but if I could unjoin it I would, because it is stupid.

Making a facebook page pink would just make people think their computer was broken, or that they were hungover. And do we realy need to raise awareness of Breast Cancer????? Everyone is aware of it. Turn on the tv, they are advertising all these walks and runs for breast cancer. There is even a horseback riding one. Every company has some product that supports breast cancer- even Mike's Hard Lemonade, which proves my point that it is good to drink alcohol when you have breast cancer. Those pink ribbons are everywhere! Breast Cancer is the new Paris Hilton. Breast cancer is so politically correct that men are getting it now, and they are much bigger babies about it.

So we are aware of it, so what. I am fully aware of the New York Yankees and I am not going to do a fucking good thing for them. We need to go beyond awareness. Research is great. I think they are moving ahead and close to a cure so giving money to research is one good thing to do. But what about those people with breast cancer who haven't been cured yet? Perhaps they need a nice sports car to get to their treatments? Maybe they need rich husbands so they don't have to worry about their old age? maybe they need a nice trip to the French Riviera to recover from their radiation treatments- along with high powered sunblock, of course. I think instead of raising awareness about breast cancer, which has already been done by those other altruistic advocates like myself, we should also start being aware of the material needs of people with breast cancer. They need more expensive shoes, obviously as research has shown that that does help cure cancer. Too busy for shoe shopping? Just throw large wads of cash at your favorite breast cancer patient. or gold and diamonds. Time to be creative here. It is sort of a shame that all that money raised by those races and kentucky fried chicken all goes to boring stuff like research. Do not get me wrong, I still think some of it should go to research, but here is a good idea for a facebook group: Lets give everyone with breast cancer a pair of manolo blahnik shoes and a ferrari. That's a group i could get behind.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy