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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

More things about forgetting and being tired.

I forgot the password to the thing that counts how many people view the blog and what countries they are in. Probably ok, because Australia only read it once. Guess i am not funny enough for that country. I am surprised that no one in England read it. I think that they would like it. Of course, i think all British people are like Monty Python. I think most people have still heard of Monty Python. They are not that old, nor am I.

I am trying to get this blog more about cancer so that I will stop getting ads about drug and alcohol rehab places and grief couselors. That is probably because of my new line, I have cancer and could die at any moment. Well it is true, although the cancer part is sort of irrelevant but I could walk out of my house and get hit on the head by a falling tree. Speaking of that, procrastination and cancer-induced laziness has proven to be an effective strategy is at least one part of my life. My yard was starting to look like a graveyard or worse, well I think even grave yards mow their lawns (people mow graveyards, whatever, you know what I mean.) and the cut down trees and brush from months ago were still sitting out there waiting for my ADD friend with a truck to take them to the dump. To be honest, the dump in this town is very confusing. it is only open like one hour on three days a week and I have shown up at least twice with truckfuls of would-be dumpage, only to find it closed for some stupid reason like the guy that works there had to go to the dentist. Ah, dentists, do not let me get started on that. Anyway, I just ignored the front yard. I think my regular yard guy started to blow me off because he reads this blog and thinks that I could die at any moment. So back to ignoring my yard. Eventually, a strange man and I do mean strange, rang the doorbell which I actually answered as I was not running around naked as I usually am, and offered to haul the stuff off to the dump and mow my lawn for a very reasonable price. So that just proves that if you ignore something long enough it fixes itself. I have no doubt that another stranger will ring my bell and offer to clean my house and do the laundry (because no, I did not fix the dryer and I am embarassed about my traiiler park clothes line so I just drop off the necessities to be laundered for me so there are a few pieces of not so necessary dirty laundry out and about in my house. Also, walking around naked is helpful in reducing laundry as well. But I feel bad for the lawn guy because he just has an old fashioned mower and it takes forever to mow the lawn unlike the guy who dumped me whohad this really cool thing that even i would use if I had one, although I would never have one, where you just stand on this thing and it cuts the grass and puts it somewhere. I think it runs on magic.

So now that there are secondary gains to my laziness, when will it end? Sometimes i think it is OK, that if I am tired, I should rest, I had a lot of chemo and sort of blasted through all of that and maybe my doctors are right that you have to wait a while after chemo before things are back to normal (Back to normal for them means it is then OK for them to cut me open- in only a very small area this time and then let me wait til I am back to normal so they can radiate me. I see a lot of cancer-induced laziness in my future.) Then sometimes I think that I would use any excuse to lie on the couch and watch old movies or law and order reruns, napping frequently and that cancer is quite a good excuse. Even my kids go along with that. However, i have noticed that I have missed a few parties lately and this is not like my old self. Perhaps I will have to cut down on working in order to party more. By partying, of course, I mean ice cream and cake, lest the people who determine what ads go on my blog start getting out the substance abuse counseling ones.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
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