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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Friday, September 24, 2010


Ok yeah I know its 4 am. I am babysitting cats. They keep you awake. And I had to share this serious side of me, as it is so unusual. I did- and will continue to do- this blog because humor is my way of dealing with things. Probably more so than most people. Also I thought- and still think- that poking fun of cancer might make other people dealimg with it laugh, or look at it differently. Not that I wrote this blog for other people- well, maybe a little, I would love to know that my sick humor helped one cancer patient a tiny bit- but it's for me, too. Writing, however badly, helped me cope way back in the old days when I had cancer, remember?

But cancer is not always or even usually funny. A good friend lost a friend to lung cancer recently. Not much older than me. I think it was lung cancer, anyway it was a sucky cancer and he died and I am sorry that my friend lost his friend. It sucks. And a good friend from work - really the nicest guy, and I am not saying this just because he had cancer because not just nice people get cancer- hey look at me-anyway he got bladder cancer and although he has a great attitude and is youngish and healthy, he really has to go through a lot more serious painful treatment than me. And of course there will always be Emily who I love like a daughter and who fought longer and harder than me, often having to put up with really annoying relatives- and cancer beat her before she turned 19.

Cancer sucks. My refusing to take it seriously does not change that. The disease sucks, the treatment sucks, the medications suck. Nobody knows what causes most of it- and even the easy ones, like smoking causes lung cancer- how many people chain smoke their lives away and die at age 104? I kind of think it's crap that "god works in mysterious ways" as an explanation why a mother barely clinging to sanity, loses her only child to leukemia. Or, God never gives us more than we can handle? Excuse me, God? I didn't handle this that well. Tons of wine were necessary. Oh and here is the best one, Everything happens for a reason. Well I can still convince myself that my cancer happenend so I could finally get big boobs- BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS THE REASON THE SWEETEST AND COOLEST 18 YEAR OLD GETS TAKEN FROM EVERYONE WHO LOVES HER?????????????? And kids die of cancer all the time.

So listen, God, smarten the fuck up. Yes, after losing people I love to cancer, I still believe in god- I just think he can be an asshole at times. Bad people should die. Good people should not. And since I am negotiating the deal, I should stay alive too, good or bad.

So what have we learned from this lesson? Absolutely nothing. Cancer follows no rules, doesn't think, oh this one has a great life ahead of her, I'll let her live. Cancer sucks a lot. Even more than the Yankees. So if you have a chance to fight it, do it. Do one of those dumb walks I make fun of. Get yourself into the national bone marrow registry ( could have saved Emily) volunteer for the cancer society or a hospice.

Breast cancer is supported enough. Pink fucking ribbons everywhere. But you know what needs support? Childhood cancer. If I had died (which there was never much of a chance of it anyway) I had lived a good life. Raised the two best kids ever, have wonderful friends and a pretty good family. Except Ryan. And a job I love. But Emily died without getting to go to college, fall in love, go to Egypt or Jamaica or even that fuckin weezer concert which is why I have a thing for weezer even though they have clearly sold out. Well, at least we'll always have Paris, Emily. I love you.

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  1. Cancer sucks. I love your blog. Why take cancer seriously? I mean if humor helps us deal, why not? I have lived with cancer a long time. I have never had a need for pink ribbons. I am just me - living with cancer. Yes your doctor can tell you that's it, you are done but for the rest of your life when you go to the doctor and they see you had cancer, you get put to the front of the line for more tests and all sorts of other fun medical adventures. I can relate to Emily - I had thyroid cancer at 19 (and then breast cancer 3 years ago). When you are young with cancer, there is no support - or at least when I had it there was none. I have spent my life with cancer and believe me it sucks. But humor really helps. I think its way ahead of any kind of medicine in keeping us sane through all of this.


steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy