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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Now what?

I know i mentioned it peripherally, but did not make a big deal out of it on my blog, I AM DONE WITH RADIATION!!!! Still there are follow up appointments and i will probably go there for a free reike treatment, but the radiation therapy is done!!! Boob area still a little sunburned but I can deal with that. Because of all the sunburns i had when i ignored them that they said going out in the sun can cause cancer. In fact, it makes cancer treatment easier to deal with so long as you don't get a sun- causing cancer, anyway. So actually, tanning helps cancer. Another myth de-bunked.

And know how they document my skin condition? Only those of you who are old-time nurses will appreciate it. Digital photos. In the old days, we would be documenting each shift on someone's skin. But my "reddened, raised, flat, whatever..." doesn't necessarily look the same as someone elses. And we had medical words, sangiunous, serro-sanguinous, I don't really remember, i went into psych. So i asked the radiation nurse if i could just take a picture of my boob with my new cell phone- it does everything else. That, mark my words, is the future of health care. Take a picture of your arm that is hanging off your body, email it to me..... instead of take a couple of tyleonl and call me in the morning. Aspirin is bad, I forget why. But of course in small doses is is now good. But I digress. Some of you might call it ramble. Or flight of ideas.

So, i get my skin checked at radiation tomorrow. I am glad because I really like the people there. They were the most pleasant part of cancer treatment so far. There are pros and cons of going to Boston to the big hospitals vs, local care. Obviously, I want the big surgeries and treatments at Mass General. Especially since Brockton hospital almost killed me. But I have always thought the local hospitals and health care places had nicer personell. Probably because i was usually one of the nurses is an out-of-Boston place. Like I love 99% of the people I work with at mclean, and probably only loved 65% of the people at childrens. And My boss at mclean, even with her little ideasynchrocies- I really think after a few glasses of wine, she would become me- will never be listed in my phone under a swear word.

So if you know anyone who needs radiation in the boston area, Shields radiation is quite good. They have offices in Quincy, mansfield (right next to the PGA tournament) and someplace up north. And My doctor has a kid at NYU so he probably needs the business. Really good combination of medical skills and just good friendly nice treating-you-like-a-human being patient care. You know, sort of like me. At least that part about a kid at NYU.

Oh and they are affiliated with mass general and harvard Medical school, although i don't hold that against them. And Val in mansfield is my favorite. We both shop at the Ann Taylor loft next door and frequently look like twins. Like me, she has short hair- hers is on purpose- and of course, we are both short and black.

So after radiation, then what? I suspect back to MGH for that oral chemo pill. I would think there should be some sort of test to see if you still have cancer or not. There must be. Otherwise, how can people say they are cancer free for 8 years? Or however many. I would really like to take a test, right now, to find out for sure if all the cancer is out of me. Everyone has decided it is, and i kind of agree, and while the trade-off is not being able to use the cancer card, except that I still do, it would be worth it.

So back to life, work, freqent visits to Brooklyn, Florida, and San Diego. Putting cancer on the back burner where it belongs. But I will still keep up this blog and share my cancer-induced wisdom. or Insanity.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
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