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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
this is me with spiked hair. It's growing in. Not the greatest picture of me, good one of Cindy but this blog is not all about her!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Iceland? That's not near Poland, is it?

Went to my check up at radiation today. Really, my skin feels fine and I have come to the conclusion that i am not too ugly to have sex. Left boob still under construction, but I noticed that the rest of me is looking ok. Would post a picture but would probably get thrown off the internet and prosecuted for distributing "masectomy porn!" Oh, post a picture with my clothes on? What a novel idea.

So, I took a survey on what color to do my hair. Blonde won, hands down, although I am very impressed with my normally fairly conservative (when it comes to my fashion statements, anyway, not at all politically) daughter Meghan holding out for Bright Red. I will do that next month. So, never having used the "lite" hair dye that washes aout after a month, I was unfamiliar with this stuff that did not seem to burn, stink up the whole house, and have to be on your head for hours. Ten minutes, it said. Of course, i have no concept of time, but figured my newly grown, untouched by chemical (up until then) hair would probably need closer to 20. So I wash it out about 20 minutes later, which could be anywhere from three minutes to two hours, and, well, its a little lighter, but not the bright (think David Bowie way back when) blonde I wanted. It looks.....natural. Who the fuck dyes their hair for it to look natural. Well, i suppose a lot of people do but I am not one of them. But it is a little blonder, goes with my free make-up, so I will go with it for a while. This temporary hair dye- as long as the next color takes a little better, and I think it will because it is darker- is a great idea. i will have a different color hair every month. Bright red is next, right in time for fall, and Halloween- remember i work on a psych unit- that advertises in the New Yorker by the way- so anyway no purple or hot pink hair for me. At least when my boss is there. Just kidding, Joan, in the off chance that anyone was crazy enough to give you the blog address. By anyone, I mean me, but I don't think I did.

Then maybe dark brown or black for thanksgiving and Christmas, then white David Bowie blonde for the New Year. I heard a commercial about going to Iceland for new Years Eve and it seems like something I should do before I die. Speaking of which, my radiation doctor who I love, agreed with me that I am more likely to kick off from a smart-phone related accident than cancer at this point. But since there is always a chance of a piano falling on my head at any time, I am going to look into this Iceland at New Years. If anyone else is interested, especially if you are a man who I could conceivably have sex with, let me know. OK, I know most of my many international blog followers are female but at least two are men with whom I was close. I said that because I am too classy to say that at least two guys that i have slept with in the past have at least on occasion, read this blog. One I know for sure is not allowed into Iceland. Unless he has gotten a false passport. (I think he is out of jail....) Just kidding. I have wonderful taste in men now and hardly any of them are convicted felons. That i know of. Because now i can't have Cindy's son run a CORI on them anymore since the Bridget the Midget scandal.

I am not working tonight or tomorrow and am patiently waiting for someone to get my voicemail and call me back about going out. That is the thing about being my age. My friends are my age and they are wimps who go home early. And yes, Denise M, esq. and beverly A, R.N. I am talking about you! My kids go home earlier than me! I arrived in New York last Friday ready to rock and roll and Laura and roommate were asleep! Just because you have to get up for work at 5 in the morning is no excuse. A piano could fall on your head at any time, so always eat desert before the meal, and always go out and party with me when i demand it. By party, I mean have something to eat and two glasses of wine and then try to stay awake for the ride home.

It's almost seven. This means when i go out to dinner, the early bird old lady specials will be over. This is a good thing. Oh and ps, Denise, just because i called you a wimp does not mean I am not coming over tomorrow and showing you and David how to drink wine. Try to have some single men, who are not banned from Iceland, on hand.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy