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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

more random thoughts

First of all there is nothing like being involved in a midget porn scandal to take your mind off having cancer. I really can't comment more than that.

So I now need to drivein to Mass general every two weeks to have my oncologist look at my boobs, look at the computer and say you're ok, come back in two weeks. The appointment thing is not bad, it's the driving in that is a pain in the ass. When i had chemo, it was a long appointment and a good excuse to have Meghan come with me. She would drive, and we could take the HOV lane without issue, and I didn't have to pay attention to driving, which is why I never noticed that every time I go to MGH there is a Duck Bus stalking me, or maybe not but they seem to be everywhere and I have never been on one, maybe I should suggest that as an activity for my work, as no one signed up for my sky diving idea. Granted, i got the idea when I thought I was more cancerous than I am, but I still think it should be a fun thing to do.

It is funny how i cannot type very well. I looked over the last paragraph and realized I had written mass gerbal instead of general. Anyway, I took some time out from TV to start reading those mystery novels by the dead Swedish guy, the girl with the dragon tattoo. I would like to believe they are a step up from my usual literary fare of cooking mysteries because my friend Brian read them and he just got his doctorate degree. OK, i know I have a doctorate and I am an idiot, but he has a real doctorate, and he got it at this age, not 20 years ago when our minds were in a little bit better shape.

So when I went back to TV because I am too cheap to buy the third book in hard cover ( I will back down and order it from I noticed that still every TV show and commercial is about cancer. There is a particular commercial about the american cancer society being in charge of bringing more birthdays to cancer patients. I had a thought. Just in case,maybe cancer patients should have a birthday every month. And another TV commercial gave me a very good idea for a present I should get for one of my monthly birthdays. There is one Kitchen appliance that you pour coffee beans and ice into and it makes coffee first then an iced lattee drink. All at once. Probably the most intelligent and useful kitchen appliance ever invented. Certainly better than the stove, which I never used at my house which I thought was just me but now I realized that Cindy never uses hers either. And she keeps marshmallows in the microwave.

Speaking of microwaves, I start radiation tomorrow. And i think it is reike-massage day at the radiation doctors, so I am good. Although I realized that having to go to radiation Monday through friday for the rest of the sumer prevents me from going on any sort of vacation; on the other hand, summer is really not the time I need a real vacation, as it is not freezing here, and I actually live some place that other people come to in the summer to vacation. Like those people on the Duck Bus who are stalking me. I love it when my random thoughts come back together.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy