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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
this is me with spiked hair. It's growing in. Not the greatest picture of me, good one of Cindy but this blog is not all about her!

Friday, July 16, 2010

cancer shrink

The new cancer shrink was actually quite good. Even if she did used to work with my ex-husband. That means, though, that she has been in the business as long as I have as opposed to the new medical school grad i had who just didn't click with me. Anyway this new doctor does what I thought cancer shrinks should do- she talked about my cancer and the effect it was having on my feelings, behavior, etc. She acknowledged that yeah, maybe it is a little stressful when every time you come to an appointment, you learn something new that is worse than what you thought. I think working with her is going to go along pretty well with all that alternative stuff i am going to do at the radiatiion place. I might even take a yoga for delicate people class. Shit, I had the perfect chance to steal a yoga mat from work last night but was too honest (i.e. afraid of getting caught) to do it. Well, i think they are only like 12.99 and i suppose not worth losing my job and health insurance over. Of course I could have used the chemo-brain excuse- Oh, I thought this was my purse!

So anyway, I am starting to feel like the old me again. I picked up an overtime shift, proving that an old lady with cancer can work 16 hours. Having proven that, I think I will just sit back the next time an overtime shift comes up- unlessI need the money for something really important like going sky diving or getting a face lift. (insurance pays for the boob job, the rest is on me.) Or bailing Cindy out of jail.

After the doctors, we went out to lunch with a friend of Cindy's who invited us to spend next weekend at his house in Cape Cod. I have a life. It mainly occurs on weekends as i will have radiation every weekday until September. But with reiki and massage. Then I found out that my friend Bev had worked her charms and gotten us tickets at face value (no scalpers here) for the long sold out Aerosmith concert at Fenway Park.

My friend at work wanted to gel my hair and try for a mohawk. It is too short, but i did put gel in it today. It is a little bit funky. My head definitely is a fashion statement now. Obviously i will need new clothing or at least shoes to go with it. I think i will save my major clothes shopping for when I do not have to look for things that will nicely accomodate a fake plastic boob. Not hard plastic like a kids toy truck, you know, sort of soft, in fact I believe it is made of silicone not plastic. From silicone valley. That is ok for fake boobs that are not inside you, which mine is not.

And I finally got all the paperwork I needed to get to the pain in the ass realtor (really not such a big deal, maybe just my procrastination.) so very soon i will have that albatross of a house out from around my neck. (Albatross on your neck?) Monkey on your back? I am not very literate. While everyone is reading war and peace and crime and punishment, i find my books in the "culinary mysteries" department of Annie's used books. And for those of you reading Anna Karenina? She walks in front of a train and kills herself. Now that you know what happens go out and get the latest Chelsea Handler book or something. It's summer, for Christ's sake!

And I, for one,Am going to enjoy it.AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I HAVE SIGNED UP FOR THE CANCER BEAUTY CLASS I MISSED BECAUSE OF INTESTINAL DIFFICULTIES!!! FREE MAKEUP HAS BEEN ORDERED FOR ME. Look out, I was going to say the name of some super model here, but I don't know any. Heidi Klum? Heidi Fleiss? I am going to have to fit in a few issues of people magazine into my already strenuous reading schedule. At least I know about Mel Gibson. What an asshole. I am going to really try and think of an appropriate punishment for him, and will post it when I do, but feel free to suggest things. Yes, I am talking to you, my nine followers, who never comment on anything. Come on, participate! What would Miss Tahmisian say? If she were not (I assume, as she was 100 years old 30 years ago) dead. Well she probably wouldn't say anything to me because I say fuck and show my boob to everyone. My psychiatrist was most impressed by my candor, (or maybe she was pretending to be as she wrote me out a script for a very high dose of haldol.) Anyway, pharmacy couldn't fill it as they determined i was not crazy enough. You know sometimes you just can't be........


  1. A good shrink is great. Mine actually had breast cancer a few years ago and really understands the crap I go through. The ACS Look Good Feel Better is awesome. I am extremely jealous you are going to see Aerosmith at Fenway. I saw them once at Great Woods and they put on a great show.

  2. Terri Ross SmithJuly 17, 2010 at 5:59 AM

    I believe Miss Tahmisian would say "We are NOT amused..." as in the royal We, of course...I, on the other hand, am always amused by your ramblings- I mean important things on your mind.


steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy