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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Do not read this it is disgusting.

Haven't written anything for a while because since I am non-cancerous now, what to write on a cancer blog? I guess I will have to read up on the politics and economics of health care, particularly cancer care, and then i can make fun of that. So now tha I'm a "survivor" I think I am going to get involved in volunteering in some way for some kind of cancer, although frankly I think there is enough hype for breast cancer- everyone i know went on that walk, getting money pledged to help breast cancer resarch. Not a single person took my suggestion to just skip the middle-man (middle-person?) and give the money directly to me.

But i would like to point out that now that I am a survivor, you would think I would somehow be stronger, or better, or something. However, i have to go to the dentist tomorrow and am scared shitless. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery? That was one thing. This is someone poking around in my mouth. But I think I have no choice as going to a regular dentist is the first step in getting cosmetic dentistry so that when I get my boob replaced, i will have a great smile, which will add to my cougar-ness. Not having my own dentist, as it is something i have avoided for years, I chose a place called Gentle Dental in the hopes that it lives up to its name, that is gives you IV valium as you walk in the door. because filling out the paperwork can be stressful.

I hope these dentists don't think that since i had cancer i am brave and do not need hard core pain meds. I shall disabuse them of this notion immediately.

Well enough about my teeth - or actually this is just one tooth that made my face swell up like a chip munk. It was kind of funny, actually. Oh my god, this is what i am going to blog about now that I am cancer-free? My fucking teeth? I hate teeth. I am very sorry. i will never write about this again. When i first started working in a hospital in nursing school, other people complained about the bed pans, cleaning up incontinent patients, puke, poop, etc. Not a problem for me. Touching their dentures? Helping them with "oral care" Couldn't handle it. Teeth, gross.


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  2. Dennis, thanks. I love your blog, too and will add it to my blogroll as soon as i figure out what that is. I do like to be able to refer people to cancer blogs with actual helpful information instead of just semi-lucid ranting.


steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy