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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A brief explanation

First of all the last post was called live free or die trying because the hike at my sisters house was in New hampshire but I forgot to put that in. None the less some people liked it, must be some of my followers from countries I have never heard of. Not that that means anything about the countries- it is more about me. I am geographically challenged. My nephew is doing a semester abroad in Budapest, which I iknow is in Hungary. Peggy said he went to Transylvania for the weekend. I said, that isn't a real place, it was just made up for horror movies. Apparently not. Unless it is a relatively new country invented by someone with a sense of humor and a penchant for old horror movies. But i forgot to ask that. Did i use the word penchant correctly? If i was typing this on my smarter-than-me phone, i could press a button and get the exact meaning of the word. But then I would be typing on a tiny little keyboard and squishing all the letters together. But i am not as geographically challenged as Cindy, who has: 1. Once said, "now, are we in Europe or are we in England?" and 2. Opened the window of the rental car from the company I am now banned from renting cars at, but not because of this, and said "Can you tell us how to get to Switzerland?" apparently not noticing the border guards and the signs that said "Welcome to Switzerland. Don't fuck around with us. We have no sense of humor, and by the way we don't take any of the kinds of money you have from those other European countries. We have our own solely to make your life more interesting and complicated." I love Cindy. She takes everything in stride.

Now a cancer-related thing for my cancer-related blog. I read in a magazine in my sister's bathroom- in new Hampshire, the state whose motto is live free or die, abpout some designer, I think it is Anne Klein, so it is not super-expensive, and her extras or last years items will be at the regular TJ Maxx, not the fancy ones with their own fancy designer sections- but i digress, anyway, she is designing a breast cancer bracelet and selling it with profits going to breast cancer research, not to breast cancer survivors, which is where they should really go. A more upscale version of the $39.99 shoes I mentioned yesterday. I am kind of liking this support breast cancer by buying stuff movement. Of course, i do not support breast cancer. I am against it.

But having had breast cancer, I no longer love the color pink. I used to wear it all the time prior to getting it. Oh shit, maybe wearing pink causes breast cancer! I need to warn my sister- in california, whose motto I do not know, is it "Let's elect a republican actor for governor and then make marijuana legal so we can put up with it?" It should be. Anyway i should warn her not to wear my favorite pair of pink shoes, from a famous designer at the fancy TJ Maxx, which I left there, anticipating establishing California residency. But I think she has bigger feet than me.

And I thought I had nothing to say. A benefit of my brand of ADD. You are never bored because as soon as you think of one thing to say, your mind goes on to something else. Plus I heard that if you write for a long time, and I imagine typing is the same, eventually the other side of your brain which is the creative side kicks in. I think it is the right side of the brain that is creative and the left side logical. I don't like that, it should be the opposite. i guess because left is usually associated with the more interesting and fun things like in politics. And maybe therein lies why I still have trouble telling my left from my right. Not politically. I think I want to be Sarah palin for Haloween because that is the scariest thing i can think of. But directionally. if I am in a car and someone- a person or even worse, the dreaded GPS, and they say take a left I invariably take a right and vice versa. Unless it is my sister peggy who will say take a left meaning a right, because she also is directionally challenged. But not geographically challenged because she knew about Transylvania. of course, she probably looked it up because it is her son that is there. Like I had to look up Prague when Laura was thinking of going there. I forget what country it is in- not because i am stupid, but because it was in Czechoslovakia but i think that country has changed names, at least i hope so because it is very hard to spell and I do not have spellcheck on here although I probably do on that fucking phone.

OK that is enough. And to think i didn't think I had anything to write about post-cancer. Maybe i should change the name to cancer does suck, but ADD is very funny. But i do not have the attention span to figure out how to do that.......

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy