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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Psychotic?....I mean psychic?

I will just say that hte dentist thing was not scarey and as far as I am concerned, successful, as my expectations are so low that I decided that as long as they did not say oh my god, your mouth is awful, we must pull all these teeth and replace them with old lady dentures, I would be happy. And so they did not and i am.

Went to see a medium, or psychic, or something the other night. Fortunately there was a buffet and drinks. She was actually quite good, unless she had about a hundred plants in the audience as she kept saying things that people said were true. She did not spend much time at our table, unfortunately. When she did, she said someone named Thomas was coming up. Nobody at the table knew a Thomas, but I remembered an old boyfriend, a pretty serious one at that, who had died. I thought it was odd that he would be trying to contact me, but then I remembered how the asshole never called or showed up when he said he would and it would be just like him to wait til he was dead. And then, as the psychic was leaving the table, she turned to me and said off-handedly, "Oh yeah, your mother says hi." I KNEW that that was my mother. Other people's mothers had communicated and given their kids advice, said they loved them, were proud of them, praying for them, etc. But oh yeah by the way tell barbara I said Hi. That'd be my mom.

Good thing i did not die because if anyone I knew went to one of those psychic things, I would monopolize the whole show. Drive the medium crazy and she would never get her own TV show, which she actually is going to get. Yet another person who is not me with their own reality show.

I am working on reinventing my post-cancerous self by actually buying groceries and baking dessert last night- apple crisp, delicious, and really thinking about joining the gym and vaguely committing myself to climbing a small mountain with my sister some time. Don't want to do too much change all at once. everything in moderation. Well actually, i usually do nothing in moderation, but i think maybe moderation in moderation is a good idea.

So my father is in the hospital in San Diego. Encephalitis, although my sister thinks he is getting better now. It just brought up the idea of caring for an aging parent- all right, i cared for him for years then shipped him off to California when he was really sick but come on, I had cancer! And then no house..... Anyway enough about poor me as we are now talking about my 86 year old father this close to a nursing home. Or not. Since my niece Emily died at 18, I sort of didn't make a big deal about people in their 80's dying. Like, so what? They had their life. But it is a little different when it's your father, who i was certain at one time would outlive us all when he was his vitamin-taking, basketball- playing annoying self. Well he still may. And if not, some day i will be at another medium show and she'll say, oh yeah, your parents say hi. I joke about it because he is probably going to be ok because i am far too classy to joke about life threatening illnesses. So anyway if anyone is inclined to pray or send positive thoughts- and if you did it for me, it certainly works- say one for Bill.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy