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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

twelve followers now

So I feel like i should be writing more intellectual things now, some pithy comments about health care from the point of view of a health care professional now in the role of patient. Sometimes I think about stuff like that, but it is really too boring to write on a blog that is principally set up for entertainment- primarily mine.

Basically, in some ways it is better to be the patient than the nurse, for example, patients can take drugs and nurses have to give them to them. In other ways, it is better to be the nurse, like for example, you are not the one with fucking cancer. So ther is my brilliant observation.

My last bit of exciting news is that i have found a resevoir between radiation and work where i can go and walk for the hour of down-time I have between the 2 places. Well, in case all the shopping malls are closed, anyway. Because i did like the idea of celebrating each day of radiation with a new pair of shoes. Although once again, I may have to pick up a second job to afford shoes. This is something I actually did in my pre-cancerous state.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy