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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Monday, August 9, 2010

friends in high places

My laptop had a virus but is better now. While it was being fixed, I tried to write on the blog a few times and actually succeeded once or twice, but it was a great struggle for me. To get to here on another computer, i had to remember passwords, which is really not part of my skill set- remembering things. There are about 6 or seven combinations of my kids names and numbers that I use depending on how much the particular web site yells at me for not using enough letters or numbers or in some sites, exclamation points! Bad enough that you have to have passwords to read or write things on line, then they tell you your regular password that you can remember because you use it all the time, isn't good enough for them. And of course you can't write down your password because someone could steal your identity. Well good luck for them if they tried. My financial identity, anyway. They would have to go get a couple of extra jobs to pay off my bills.

And if they stole my blogging identity i could blame them in the very rare cases when I write something stupid.

So anyway, i first have to say that as peoof that I hang around with cool people, i am going to try to add this link. hey did it! Although isn't it supposed to come out in a different color? Anyway if you read it, you will see that my friend, Erin, saved a guy from drowning. And not only that she has a great tan.

Surprised that I mention other people when usually it is all about me??? Well, I am. But reality is that the cancer treatment as of now is kind of a walk in the park. Or on the beach. Radiation only takes a few minutes a day; the bummer is that it is every weekday until September, but I realized that summers usually go by too fast for me. I love hot weather. People who complain about it should be shot or at least sent to Alaska. So either the summer, as usual, will go by fast for me and radiaiton will be over before i know it, or going to radiation daily will make the summer go by more slowly, which will be good for me because I love the weather. A clear win-win situation. And i really love the people at radiation. And when that is over, i will just have to wait until "fully healed"- I am fully healed, when people have heavy things to lift at work I do it, because i can. Course they yell at me afterwards, because at work, I still am sort of a cancer princess, even though I think any bit of cancer has to have gone yelling and screaming from me, especially now with my healthy red wine, green tea, only eating meat from happy chickens or cows, diet. I really kind of doubt any chickens are really happy- come on they are fucking chickens, so i sort of stay away from that. Luckily I can eat fish regardless of their state of mind. Depressed tuna? Go right ahead. Suicidal salmon? knock it back. And a glass of red wine at breakfast really makes the day go just a little better. Just kidding. They say red wine with meals, but I don't think they mean all of them.

So life is good. Cancer is on its way out. But I am sure I will still think of things to complain about on my blog.

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steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
not bad for an old guy