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rock and roll chicks

rock and roll chicks
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fame by proxy better than fame by cancer i guess

Don't know if that is how you cut and past the right link, but if it is, my nephew is now a movie star. Think he got that talent from me.

And, a doctor i work with is going to be on Oprah on Wednesday the 17th. Although I gave him permission to mention my name, i fear he may not have done so. Anyway, it is supposed to be about spiritual healing- not voodoo, Mark, in case you accidentally stumble upon my blog which I don't think you will. So anyway it may be of interest to people interested in alternative medicine and cancer. of course he is a psychiatrist.

So although I have not yet become famous with my own reality show- and I have to admit, I am probably past that window of opportunity because i am far less funny without cancer- my would be fame is apparently spreading to people around me. Right. This is all about me.

And once again, I must reluctantly admit that it is probably better to be cancer-free without a reality show than cancerous with one. And of course, i still have boob plastic surgery to look forward to. not that I am actually looking forward to the surgery part, just the drugs and having big boobs part, but plastic surgery does seem to be a big reality show theme. OK, a person who was funnier when she had cancer but was less funny when she got cured gets plastic surgery and lets wait to see if she is funny again? A pretty lame premise, even I have to admit but it has more of a plot than the Kardashians. If only i was having the plastic surgery on my ass......

Now i remember a cancer-related thing i wanted to complain about. I discovered that I had showtime- probably by mistake, as I am now cheap- so I watched a bunch of episodes of "The big C," which I always want to call, the c-word, which is a different thing altogether not to mention what my old boss is referred to in my cell phone, but i digress. The big C is a show about a woman who has cancer and from the previews, sounded like it would be funny because she goes out to eat and just has alcohol and dessert, which is something I always advocate. In fact when i heard about it, i thought showtime had stolen the idea from me, making cancer funny and all, who does that? But it is not even that funny? Granted, this woman, I guess, has a worse kind of cancer and I guess is supposed to die, so it is probably not going to be one of these shows that goes on for years and years. But like one of the things she decides she has to do before she kicks off is make her teenage son clean up his room and not turn out to be a slob when he grows up. Really? You have six months to live and you want to spend even a second of it thinking of housework? Totally unrealistic, not to mention stupid and of course, not funny. I would take the kid and travel the world, with a maid and live-in bartender- for me not the kid, and of course our home quarters would be at Disneyworld. Now that would be a tv show. At least in the last episode i watched, she has an affair with a really good looking black artist with an accent. Well, been there, done that, but would do it again. Of course, with her kind of cancer, she has two good boobs. Which of course I will have soon too. OK, Jamaican artists, start lining up. or not.


  1. that brazilian john of god is a con artist...... I believe in sprituality, however he is a nut.... maybe the pdoc can fix him...z:)

  2. It is very hard to fight cancer in the mind as much in the body.There is a lot of discussion and peer support as there are many cancer bloggers helping the group.


steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!

steven tyler in a red sox shirt!!!
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